Error 520 on almost every page

I’ve generally had some 520 errors before, but they were rare and never caused many issues. After I set up Virtual Hosts in Apache to host a second website, Cloudflare has been constantly throwing 520 errors. Though they’re fixed upon refresh, it’s extremely annoying to have to refresh after going to any page at all. I see these errors, one page after another. They won’t stop, and I don’t know what to do. Using localhost and also using the domain name directly without Cloudflare has zero issues. I don’t know what I did wrong, and if I can’t get a straight answer, I may have to give up on Cloudflare.

Edit: HTTPS version seems to not suffer from this issue. I’m not willing to force HTTPS, however.


A 520 error means Cloudflare is seeing a response that is unexpected from the origin server and so our proxy rejects it and serves a 520 error page. Unfortunately, this means there are lots of reasons for an unexpected response and it is a ‘catch all’ error for lots of possible causes.

Without more information and investigation, it is difficult for us to provide an answer here.

If you’re able to raise a support ticket and quote it here. We can investigate. (The ticket may get auto-closed, but we will reopen it).


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