ERROR 520 : I've been facing this issue for 2 days

Cloudflare does not provide any certificate, they only have certificates for their proxies and can issue Origin certificates for free which you still need to install on your server.

Please use the search, as that topic has been discussed quite a few times already.

Do you want a working site? Then configure your server with a valid certificate and your site will be available in no time.

I would also suggest to check out

What’s that ping thing to find out the ip address ?

The IP address is not relevant. All you need to do is configure a valid certificate.

Here the admin team message:

“Well they are using the third party cloud flare SSL for the site and ds is pointing to there and in the MWP plan third party SSL’s will not work, and if any issue at the cloud flare connection to the hosting too there will be disconnection and causes issue as the same. So here we would suggest to remove the cloud flare name servers and use default name servers in the dns and if they need the https on the site have them purchase the SSL here with us in the same account so that it won’t occur such issue.”

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I’ve installed Cloud fare SSL few hours ago in my wordpress.

You didn’t. There is no certificate on your server

We are going in circles

I am afraid there really is no other advice

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