ERROR 520 : I've been facing this issue for 2 days

I’ve been facing 520 error in my site despite of how many things i did to fix. It’s still occurring and it really messed up my site. I even contacted my hosting provider and i did what they said.

( Typical process )
Change to Default DNS and wait for few mins.
Change to Cloudflare DNS.

That’s what they keep replying to me. Regardless, I’ve found no solution.

As a result, I’ve lost lots of traffic and i don’t know what’s causing it ?

Could anyone please give me a fix as quickly as possible ?


Vote here and provide your details such as which host you are facing and is it intermittent ??

Does your server IP address end in 219? In that case your server does not respond and closes the connection. You need to talk to your host about that. Cloudflare is not involved here, they simply show the error because your host doesn’t return anything.

its ends with 163.

My hosting provider is also godaddy. I’ve been using cloudfare for nearly 10 months. This is the second time happened to me. But, this one is REAL BUGGER.

I could able to fix the error when i got the 520 error for first time. Now, i did lot of things but still none fixed.

Ehm, you didn’t address anything I wrote.

No it doesn’t end with 219 !


Can you able to access my blog ?

It briefly loaded. Would you feel comfortable sharing a screenshot of your DNS records?

What’s strange about my site error is

Whenever i try to access my site it shows me the 520 error.

But, when i reload the site. It is working !

I don’t understand this. It’s repeating.

Ehm, that IP address does end in 219. Why did you say it did not?

So my original statement is fully applicable.

I thought you were asking my ip website address.

Of course I was and as you can take from the screenshot your server’s address is the address I referred to.

You need to talk to your host about that, your site is not properly configured and also does not have an SSL certificate. Your host needs to configure that too.

I actually added that ipv4 address yesterday. When i contacted the hoster’s customer care, they told me to add that.

That does seem to be the right address, but as I wrote, the issue here is not Cloudflare but your host.

You best pause Cloudflare for now and make sure that your site is first working on its own on HTTPS and only then unpause Cloudflare.

I don’t have SSL for my website. It’s only cloudfare giving my site SSL for free.

If i pause the cloudfare, my website wouldn’t work with https. It shows Error Ssl thing.

Most of my article links in my social media are https.

Whenever someone in social trys to open them. They can’t. That’s the actual issue

i am in contact with Godaddy, issues been informed with admin team

You need SSL on your site, Cloudflare cannot cover that.

Talk to your host and get SSL on your site first.

I’ve been using cloudfare for 10 months and it providing me a free SSL for my blog.

I don’t understand now.