Error 520 if I send Early Hints headers on my own

I just update a site where I started to serve Early Hints headers on my own. Cloudflare was returning 520 error, I had to remove. Is there something I need to adjust in the control panel to make it work? Do I need to disable Cloudflare’s Early Hints feature to be able to use mine? I didn’t find anything about this in the docs.

Do your Early Hints work if you disable/pause Cloudflare’s proxy?

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I didn’t test prod without Cloudflare, but on dev it was working fine, tested with cURL also and got the headers correctly.

Please tell us exactly what headers you implemented and how you did it. There very likely is something wrong with the header or your webserver can’t handle these headers.

So here the questions we need answered:

  1. what webserver are you running?
  2. how did you implement early hints?
    2.1. what exactly is the header?
  3. did it work, when putting Cloudflare into developer mode?

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