Error 520 for a google hosted site - I have no cloudflare

I have a blogger blog, that has its custom domain.

Last year I played around in Cloudflare, in order to be able to do an https redirect.

Unfortunately, this caused issues for my site, which is why I deleted the domain from Cloudflare in April.

For whatever reason, I am seeing an error 520 to Cloudflare - which is odd since I deleted the site from Cloudflare. So we should not have any Cloudflare interfering with opening and accessing my site.

This is hosted by google, so I am not sure how to resolve. I am not very technical either ;-(

Your input would be much appreciated.

Your domain is still using Cloudflare’s name servers. You’ll need to go to GoDaddy and set your name servers back to whatever it was before you switched to Cloudflare.

You used to have it set to and

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