Error 520 appears and goes in a NextCloud instance

Hello there. Since a while I’m getting error 520 all the time on my selfhosted NextCloud instance and don’t know why. It appeared randomly and was disappearing after 5-7 days literally. Now after 1,5 - 2 weeks of silence it happened again and I have this annoying messages and not only messages because it interrupts the whole functionality.

And this unknown error is not really helpful. I think you will tell me the error is on my side but I can’t see anything suspicious in my NGINX logs or Docker logs. The even more confusing thing is that my website on the same domain and also the from the internet reachable stats site for the website are working flawless. Only the cloud starts to freak out. Is there a known issue with NextCloud or something?

I mean I’m not doing anything or chaning anything and the problem comes and goes (hopefully goes again) but that can’t be the solution…

I’m thankful for any ideas!

Not that I’m aware of. At least two MVPs run Nextcloud through Cloudlare without issues.

The following #CommunityTip has a few steps you didn’t mention. And if the error is consistent, Support should be able to monitor the connection to see if it’s related to #4

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