ERROR 520 and slow loading of JS files

Hi all. I tell you about my problems using Cloudflare. I have enabled Cloudflare on my online children’s games sites on my Dremhost host service. In all the pages I have experienced the same problems, which are basically two. Very slow to load js files, specially Google Ads and the games themselves. The games have taken up to 10 seconds! The Rocket Loader is not enabled so that is not the problem. The other problem is that many times when I load the pages, the search engine returns ERROR 520. I had to remove Clouflare from my sites until I found a way to activate it and not have these difficulties. I don’t know if I need to configure something or I have to resign myself to Cloudflare not working on my sites. Help is very important. Thanks!

Can’t help with your js problems but your intermittent 520s are probably related to this: Sometimes a CF 520 error - #114 by Chris_M


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