Error 520 and PHP

My Wordpress site has error 520. GoDaddy recently updated Wordpress to 5.8. I think this is when this error started. I see it also has updated PHP to 7.3. I rolled PHP back to 7.2.25 and my site works again.

I’m glad to see you got it working again. Hopefully GoDaddy will get around to fixing it so you can use newer PHP versions.

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The site works with PHP 7.3 with Cloudflare paused. I would guess it was a Cloubflare problem.

I have even problems with my site in Cloudflare.
I’ve made no changes, en sometimes i see a CF 520 error.

It’s pretty strange that CloudFlare is having trouble with PHP running on the origin server.
Can somebody explain this?

Usually not so.

I remember, having PHP 7.3 running with PHP-OPCache module being used.

Any further changes I made on some .php file, let it be index.php, and after an FTP upload and after which I have had to restart my PHP service tu purge the cached .php files, the moment I hit F5 (refresh) button on my keyboard to refresh the homepage of my Website, sometimes in that exact (+/- 1-2s) fraction of a second, due to the new php file being loaded and served via PHP-OPCache to the visitor (me) and from let we call it “cached stroage”, it results into 520 or 521 error at the Cloudflare Edge as it could not get the proper resposne from the origin. It leasts for 2-3 seconds, then I hit another refresh and it’s working propperly and fine.

  • could be the case with the hosting provider and if for example in cPanel there is the opcache option, which could potentially be enabled too, if so … or some other PHP module is not being enabled while the hosting provider changed “the default” version of PHP for each one of the customer’s websites / hosting accounts …

I am not sure if that is the case with both of you, but thinking of it would be good just make a note here about this one moment.

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Thanks for the feedback. This is a hobby site with a hobby manager. I am using managed Wordpress through GoDaddy. With your feedback, I tried refreshing the site and after a few times it would load but not look correct. PHP? I called GoDaddy and complained that Wordpress 5.8 requires PHP 7.4 and got the “deer in headlights” response. This afternoon I had a someone from GoDaddy text me I tried to explain the problem and tonight the site is up and running with PHP 7.3. Not sure what was changed.

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