Error 520 and Error 525 pages from Cloudflare appear all of a sudden

After a huge amount of headache, we eventually managed to get Cloudflare to work with our website several days ago. However, on some links (not all), it is showing the following error messages:

An example of a link which shows these is

When we do refresh, it rotates between these two error messages.

According to Cloudflare’s Diagnostic tool at everything seems to have been set-up fine on this domain name.

We’ve read the instructions related to these error messages, but they don’t seem to help.

What can we do please?

Can you try pause Cloudflare, wait for few minutes and try again?

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Thank you for the prompt follow-up.

We’ve tried doing that now.

Still the same error messages, but we will wait a while to see if the error messages go away.

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