Error 520 after moving server location from India to US

I moved my server location from India to North America two days back. Since today morning i am not able to access the website and started getting Error 520 (web server returning unknown error).
I changed the IP address to the new one in Cloudflare(about 3hrs back) and cleared cloudflare cache but still receiving the same error. Need help. Thanks

Have you read

Yes i have gone through the error details and i have mentioned exactly what has caused this error. i have changed the IP address to new server location as given to me by the host. but the error still persists… i am looking for an answer as to how long will it take to resolve?

What is the domain?


Which of the various ccTLDs or gTLDs should I put on the end of intrinsicanalyst?

.com please. it was not allowing me to share the website url in the reply

For future reference put URLs inside `` as preformatted text

Have you tried pausing Cloudflare to test the site is working?

how to pause cloudflare?

Select the zone from the dasboard.

Click Pause Cloudflare on this site

i dont see that option on cloudflare.
DNS zones Editor is there on Hostinger from where i got hosting. but on clicking that i dont see any option to pause cloudflare. Attaching screenshots from hostinger…

second image

That’s not the Cloudflare website. That’s the Hostinger.

Have you tried the Hostinger support documentation?

yes i found this link. now i have paused cloudflare on the site.

now it shows “origin error”

Are you using Ezoic?

Now the site has started working after i paused Cloudflare. Yes i am using Ezoic.

Then read

now the site is working but the ads have stopped appearing. Ezoic support documentation doesn’t help. The site was working fine till yesterday.
i changed the IP address today only. So does it take time to come into effect or does it happen instantaneously?

I don’t know anything about Ezoic. Talk to them.