Error 520 after loading backup in Wordpress

Hi, I migrated my Wordpress from Nginx to Docker with Nginx proxy manager (NPM) and Docker. I could install Wordpress and access successfully with NPM but after loading a backup I got Error 520 (Ray ID: 66ca3ec1d9be1bbd ).

I have tried to redeploy the stack of wordpress and its DB (deleting all persistent storages). And to generate a new certificate with Let’s encrypt but I keep getting the Error 520. I also tried to purge cache in Cloudflare admin panel.

Any idea about what to do to quit this error?

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For major changes, I recommend you “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the Overview page, lower right corner. Then wait five minutes. After that, make sure your site is functioning with HTTPS before you unpause Cloudflare.

OK, but if I set the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” , then I have to redirect my host domain provider to user their own DNS to make sure the site is funtioning with HTTPS?

I got it working again, after some time. I don’t know if it was because I cleared the cache also. However, loading the backup in wordpress with Updraft and ensuring the process went OK returns the same error.

If I try to access my webpage in local server by using the the screen turns blank with a loading symbol from the Worpress theme I suppose. Seems as it is trying to load.

No, Pausing Cloudflare just puts it into DNS-only mode, just as it would be at your host.

Please give it a try.

I did pause the Cloudflare and then reactivated again and the problem persists. I think it has to be something related to the theme and how it’s rendered in the docker environment. If I access with the local ip it loads but it’s white screen with loading animation in the middle.
If trying to access through domain name, with Cloudflare doing the ip proxing, then it complains from Cloudflare but indeed I suppose it’s because Cloudflare gets that white screen and interprets it as that 520 error.

I could fix the issue by adding in Nginx proxy manager an additional entry in the domains group of the host. Instead of it needed to add as well

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