Error 520 a day after adding SSL Certificate

So this is my first time making a website and i’ve pretty much learnt it all off youtube.
i installed SSL flexible and changed the settings to flexible yesterday.

Today my whole site ( is getting the Error 520.
i contacted GoDaddy, the first Agent told me to purge cache on Cloudflare which did not work. the second agent said that i need to contact Cloudflare as the firewall is blocking the site from being live. not sure what any of this means.

can anyone help me out? i submitted a ticket but i fear i’ll be waiting forever for a response.


Kindly, may I ask if you have already checked the steps from the below article regarding your 520 error issue?:

By using Flexible SSL, does it mean you do not have an SSL certificate installed at your host/origin server for your root domain (including sub-domains like,, etc.)?

Here is a great explanation why Flexible SSL is not a good option to choose.

Could you check with your web hosting provider if Cloudflare is allowed to connect to your host/origin (domain)?
If not, then below articles should help you:

Maybe your web application uses some other port than compatible ones with Cloudflare following the list below?:

Do you use any CMS like WordPress?
Have you got CNAME or A records for your domain pointed to your origin/host IP address at Cloudflare dashboard?
Have you checked your web server log files and firewall?

I am not sure about it as from above, 520 error is known to be an issue at a web server, rather than the Cloudflare security and protection options and Firewall options which can be used to block bad traffic, bots, etc.

I have tested again, and I can confirm your website is working fine and loads correctly now as it is working over HTTPS and pointed to Cloudflare.

Could you also confirm?


hi, so sorry for the late response. it is now working. thank you so much for all the help!

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the certificate is valid and the mode is flexible. it all seems to be fine as of now. is flexible not recommended?

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