error 509 - Too many connections on server


Hi, I have a error “509 - Too many connections on server”
unique visitors is normal - about 2000
Total Requests abnormal - 89 000 000 vs normal 100 000
Percent Cached abnormal - 0,5% vs normal 80%
Total Data Served abnormal - 178Gb vs normal 1Gb
Data Cached is normal - about 1Gb

Country / Region - I don’t know is region “T1” - traffik 159,748,458

please help me


T1 is the Tor network.

Can you tell which resources/pages they’re hitting most?

You can use a Firewall Rule to Challenge all visitors from T1 if you think it’s bots:

You can also apply general Rate Limiting, though it may interfere with regular visitors and you may end up getting charged for a ton of requests.

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