Error 506, Variant Also Negotiates since setting up Cloudflare

I recently created a free Cloudflare account and set up my site. I also use Ezoic and integrate Cloudflare through Ezoic.

When I try to access my WordPress admin panel, I get the message “Variant Also Negotiates” (just text on a white screen).
Sometimes, refreshing makes this message go away.
I’ve been able to access the admin panel by refreshing repeatedly, but very commonly, as I click around, I get the message again.

The site is also having the same issues. I’m hosted by Bluehost VPS and they’ve been working with me for over an hour trying to solve this. This issue just started happening when I signed up for Cloudflare and updated the nameservers and reintegrated with Ezoic.

Can anyone provide some assistance? Thanks!


I am sorry to hear this, but I am afraid any change you make you have to do it through the eZoic interface.

Unfortunately, there are also topics here where people try to setup eZoic and have issues with it. While using :search:, I’ve found this:

Similar topic here:

I haven’t experienced this error since 2013 as I am using WordPress.
When I try to access the default /wp-admin/ on your domain, I got returned the error 404 not found (from the origin host/server).

Therefore, have you looked up into eZoic Help & Support Center?:

Kindly re-check if Cloudflare is allowed to connect to your origin host to as follows in the below article:

Nevertheless, Cloudflare IP addresses list can be found here:

You received a 404 error because the admin URL is modified by a plugin.

I apologize for not mentioning that in my original post.

I have another person looking at the site and they’re not seeing the Variant Also Negotiates error. They’re able to access the site completely, admin panel as well, and log in normally.

I did see that other thread you referenced but it is unclear what that user did to remedy the issue.

Is there any reason why I might be seeing this error and the other person is not?

I can’t run a tracert or a ping to my site via Windows CMD as it times out/100% packet loss.

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