Error 504.. what do do? Bluehost says it is Cloudflare problem

So I get the 504 error message quite often when logging on to my wp-site.

Bluehost says this in response:
I have checked the screenshot . The connection from Cloudflare to host is down. It looks like traffic from Cloudflare is not getting redirected to bluehost. I have checked and there was not recentl maintainenece of server on our end or server was not down on our end

I have got similar contacts today for 504 error for Cloudflare

it looks like an isuse with Cloudflare end

I have contacted a speicalist regarding this and they checked our end server and confirmed that server was not recently down

The traffic is not getting redirected to our server IP

What can i do?
Please help.

Thank you

I was able to load the website, albeit the website responded slowly. This is likely due to the backend PHP/Wordpress process timing out, which is due to a slow origin server.

A slow origin server is likely due to many websites being on the same shared hosting plan (a provider, Bluehost issue), many people visiting the website at once, or too many wordpress plugins being installed. Any of these may cause the server to not be able to compute the page within 15 seconds giving this time out error.

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