Error 504 sometimes from pagseguro

Hi, i’ve been receive an alert from Pagseguro that they cant connect to cloudflare and are getting erro 504 from an automatical script.

I cant see any try of access from my part of server, seems like something is going on befora that with cloudflare network. Is there any where to locate try of access that got 504 erro?

The same script works like 70% of the time and get 30% of erros, i need to debug it somehow, and for that i need more info from cloudflare.

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues/errors with your Website while using Cloudflare service.

May I ask have you checked below article for some usefull information regarding 504 Timeout error:

Otherwise, it could be some hosting issue due to Web server or PHP.
It could be that your origin host / server obviously cannot handle all the requests made to it (be it for example PHP, etc.).
Cloudflare will only wait 100 seconds for the request to complete.
Do you run some script which takes longer than that?

Do you get some errors shown up in your console of your Web browser?
Any erros at error.log file?
Have you tried contacting your hosting provider?

Furthermore, this issue can be either on the host’s end or Cloudflare’s end. To find this out you can temporarly try to disable by switching your records to :grey: or choose the option Pause the Cloudflare for your domain to bypass Cloudflare and try to see if the same happens again.

May I ask you to post what is your result when you visit ?

Nevertheless, have you checked if you block any Cloudflare connections to your origin host / server?

  • or your ISP provider blocked something, possibly …

In case I would suggest to re-check if Cloudflare is allowed to connect to your origin host to as follows in the below article::

I just contact Pagseguro to see if they have more info. Its weird cause If my server was delivering some 504 this for sure would pop up in the log.

Just saw that one range was not set up in the htaccess, but dont think thats the problem.

I already check these answers of Fixing Error 502 / 504, still the same.

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