Error 504 on a computer while website works on other devices


I’m trying to access a website (not my website) on a new laptop but keep getting a 504 Gateway time-out and can’t access it. However, on my old laptop that’s connected to the exact same WiFi, the website works perfectly fine and loads instantly, same on my phone (both with WiFi and cellphone network).

I tried different browsers and even a vpn, nothing seems to work. Any idea how to solve that and access the website on my new laptop?


Thank you for reaching out to us. First, if you’re trying to reach a website that is not yours and you’re getting a 504, you should let the website administrator know. This could be happening for many different reasons. Also, you could try using a different network (if your mobile and wi-fi are from the same ISP) in order to see if the issue is related to your ISP.