Error 503 when accessing FTP server via HTTP... but via FTP it works

Hello all,

I’ve searched and read 20+ posts about FTP problems and haven’t found the issue yet.

Ijust switched our nameservers to CF from the same provider that hosts our FTP.

I am bypassing CF Proxy for the ftp hostnames ( and I can connect using my FTP client no problem.

The issue is, when I try to access a file on the FTP server via HTTP (we have a public area used for sharing files with clients), it times out.

Final notes:
We don’t have a dedicated FTP server, we have a shared hosting plan, so our FTP record is a CNAME that points to a hostname of the shared cluster - is there a problem perhaps with the headers that CF is modifying? if they cant get the referrer properly they can’t point us to the right directory?

Any ideas?

If ‘ftp’ is DNS-Only :grey:, and it points to something outside your domain, then Cloudflare has nothing to do with the connection.

As it’s an FTP server, I’m not surprised that HTTP requests fail.

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