Error 503 Service Unavailable

Hi there !

I’m witnessing an issue when directed to my website.

Please find below hosting support investigation of the issue:

It looks like the error is caused by the Cloudflare as no server-side issue has been encountered. To confirm that, I created a preview link, bypassing the Cloudflare and your site appears fine

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to Cloudflare Community, sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties.
Kindly ask if you can share the domain on which you are observing issues, so we can investigate further?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Hi there,

Looking at your domains, the only one that is currently having issues is ut?...?u.
The issue here is you have a 301 redirect at your origin from to but do not have a new DNS record at your zone.
I’d advise you to either remove that redirect and resolve the zone directly, or simply create a CNAME like this:

Take care.

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