Error 503 Caused by CloudFlare


We’ve been getting a lot of “503 Service Unavailable” with “Cloudflare” in the message. According to this post, our host doesn’t seem to be the issue: Community Tip - Fixing Error: 503 Service Unavailable / Service Temporarily Unavailable

Time we last received the error: 02:01 (GMT -3)

As I don’t have access to a desktop PC right now, I have attached a few screenshots to hopefully help debug the issue.

The traceroute is from an online local tool (

[Screenshots expired.]


Cloudflare says on its support page this issue is their responsibility. They ask users to send them a ticket with more information so cases like this can be looked into. However, how can I do that if I can’t send them any tickets? Is there at least a form I can submit?

I think your nameservers are not pointing to your domain name or you added hosting and Cloudflare nameservers back to back. the other issue could be ssl issue i also faced an issue when i activated Cloudflare ssl then my hosting coflicted with that. Peace :blush:

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Hi! Cloudflare works fine on my website 99% of the time, let’s say. Those errors aren’t permanent, they’re rather sporadic, but they’re there at least a dozen times a day. However, they didn’t use to happen at all. Given that, I don’t think there’s an issue with nameservers. I also checked the SSL installation and it looks all right. Thanks for the response though!

So, I decided to check the SSL settings one more time. I had two SSL certificates. The first one covered the domain and any existing subdomains. However, when I created a new subdomain, I had issued a new SSL certificate, as I hadn’t saved the original certificate’s private key.

Because of that, I guess some sort of conflict could be happening from time to time. So I decided to revoke all SSL certificates and issue a single one both for the domain and for its subdomain.

I haven’t identified any 5XX errors since then. Thanks for the help! :smiley: