Error 502. (random)


I am getting 502 error every now and then. I have no idea when it happen and why it happen. I have contact the host but they say issue is on CF side not theirs. Appreciate help resolving the problem

Ray ID 462c8f625cda7f19
Date 2018-10-01 05.34.26 UTC
website -
Hosting provider - A2 hosting

Thank you in advance


For this you best open a support ticket by emailing support[at]

One certainly cannot rule that out, but hosts typically say that and usually it turns out to be them.

Basically Cloudflare does not get a proper response from the server

How often does it happen? I’d probably set up some sort of script that checks the site via Cloudflare and directly via the server. If, then, outages coincide it is the server. If the site is still reachable even though Cloudflare throws an error you need to dig deeper.



502 errors almost never originate from Cloudflare - The infographic on that error page shows that the origin server is the one that returned the 502 error.

502 errors, as well as slow TTFB times, are generally always an issue with the speed of the origin server or an issue with the amount of code running on the server on each request. Sometimes it’s due to plugins or server-side extensions installed in WordPress/Drupal/etc, or it may be an issue with the volume of requests that the server has to handle. If you’re on “shared” hosting, a different high-traffic website on the same server could reduce the performance of your site/other websites and 502 errors may happen if the PHP request takes too long to compute.



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