Error 502 in Wordpress

I installed the SSL certificate and now my site only appears this page Error 502, I have already contacted the support of the Hosting and they have informed that the problem is in Wordpress, does anyone know how to solve this?

Who can help me?

Which SSL setting are you using? It’s probably Full or Full (Strict), but your server isn’t responding on 443 for your site.

Try setting SSL to Flexible.

Hmm, I see 500’s, then 502s and as @sdayman points out, your origin is showing an expired certificate. @contato30, you commented you just installed the SSL cert, was that through Cloudflare?

@sdayman Many thanks for your return. I tried and it continues the same thing.

@cloonan Many thanks for your return. Yes, but before a webdesign was doing the installation, but it abandoned the service and I followed the tutorial and installed. He had already tried to install the SSL certificate by Cloudflare and had not been able to. How do I see if it’s expired?

Hi @contato30, I used this command to see the certificate details, $ curl -svo /dev/null --resolve where 123. is your origin IP address. You can also check it here,

Today, I’m getting different results from the curl, expiry is ok, but name is not:
Server certificate:

  • subject:
  • start date: Dec 17 14:44:37 2018 GMT
  • expire date: Mar 17 14:44:37 2019 GMT
  • subjectAltName does not match
  • SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name ‘

And, now I see NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID when visiting the site.

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