ERROR 502 I have experience in this DDoS cache

{image redacted}

I had to buy a new device. It was some trojan I had. Whoever was feeding the worm commands seemed to of liked getting booted from servers. Anyways I hard reset my device. And immediately went and examined the cache logs and what I witnessed was really effed up. I haven’t said anything to anyone. My friends know i was hacked. Well , a trojan, leading to a operating system that lost its integrity.
The cache logs, 8 of them
It was in .XML language, and I have a witness to all of this. The trojan, or whatever it was, was typing out in the cache logs , as it was executing it’s mission. It went NULL. my buddy I was moving, im explaining the best I can , why the phone is logging the fact that it is destroying itself. … in English, in the .XML command, it’s so easy, it’s in English, with &63747&63690/676 - cannot plant kernel, {.XML
BHGYT LIKE that… Then, it says in writing, that it knows I’m utilizing the volume to scroll and read the executable.
Now this has been in my thoughts ever since this happened next.
I’ll do narrative
"Cannot complete null, hacking wifi, broadcasting 6 000 000 kilohertz Bluetooth to find answer to null.
… I’m watching the thing do this. Wondering what is going to happen.
In under 10 seconds, it says.
We are being watched, battery is now disabled, phone is shutting down,

It never started again…
Does this mean there is a ARMAGEDDON virus that when this dude wants, can, disable all batteries from its power supply.
Is in 30 days, 95-98% of mankind is gone.
A little longer. No power, no cooling of the powerplants means a global meltdown.
Kinda scary

Um, ok. Do you have any questions about using Cloudflare, this all seems way off topic…


No I’ve purchased CloudFlare in the past. It’s an honor to speak with you.
I made an account, we are contractors and a website is coming up in a few weeks.


Duane {redacted}

Fantastic, thank you & welcome. If you have questions along the way, let us know.

We try to have a #CommunityTip for most questions. And, we take requests for tips we’re missing.

You may not need them if you’re familiar with cloudflare, but the #tutorials are great.

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I always try to get to the root… is there something with this screenshot


Duane {redacted}

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