Error 502 frequent even though it was ok before moving to CloudFlare


I am the owner of and I get some troubles with Cloudflare

I often get a 502 at random times when accessing the service
I removed Cloudflare during 10 days and I had no problems on the website (except for the huge caching of cloudflare :-))
I put back Cloudflare and have 502 again

Can somebody help me in the resolution of this?


PS: I’m on the paid plan and am not sure if this question should come in the community or directly to the support

No 502 for me! Can you regenerate the error for me? Also look below for troubleshooting steps


Contact your hosting provider to troubleshoot these common causes at your origin web server:

  • Ensure the origin server responds to requests for the hostname and domain within the visitor’s URL that generated the 502 or 504 error.
  • Investigate excessive server loads, crashes, or network failures.
  • Identify applications or services that timed out or were blocked.

It does not happen every time

Try to login logout login logout

I think you’ll eventually get it

K, I’ll do that

Got it tried to register then sign in and got this error

That i exactly the problem

It says that my site is giving an error, but when I had not cloudflare, this never happened.

Can it be a timeout or something? can we have a better view or logs?

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