Error 502 Bad gateway issue

Cloudflare is showing Error 502 bad gateway while I load my site initially, but if I reload the site, the site gets loaded. Once after loads the problems doesnt comes up, but for the first time visit with no-cache it becomes a head ache. Why that’s showing?, I’m using let’s encrypt in my server for security certificate with nginx as web server for my laravel app. Url is,

It looks like that 502 error is actually a 522 that is getting cached by the Always Online feature (I know, not confusing at all).

But the real issue appears to be in your DNS records. You might want to check your A records, as I think one of them is timing out.

Yeah, issues seems to be from one of the A records. Thanks for helping by, b/w how did you find out the time out?

I’ll send you a private message with more detail.

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