Error 502 Bad gateway / Error 532 Origin is unreachable

When I try open my website I often have the either of the two errors as in the pictures:

I have tried accessing this site from several different computers and this error appears most often when I try to access the website the first time after opening a browser. When refreshing several times or trying again later it often suddenly works.
I use 000webhost, where I have asked for help, but there seems nothing wrong. When I turn Cloudflare off, the website seems to work fine.
The website:

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Sounds like a rate limit or similar strange configuration at 00webhost. What die they answer?

Some additional things to read:

Here’s a collection of all 5xx errors. Please follow the steps in this post:

Their answer:

“Since I can access currently and previously I can only assume a temporary issue that is reoccuring for some reason.
I’ve checked our logs and our side of things and there is nothing wrong.”

The problem is that this has been occurring for two weeks now and the errors only occurr sometimes.

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