Error 502 Bad gateway after activating "Full" encrypt mode (AWS)


As mentioned I’m getting a 502 bad gateway error after activating “Full” encrypt mode. It was working in “Flexible”.

Brower → CF (working), but CF → Host (shows Error on Host)

The server is on the AWS Cloud as EC2 instance. Behind it there is the load balancer, which listens on port 80 / 443 (aws certificate set with Certificate Manager).

Security group of loadbalancer also is set to allow incoming traffic on 80 / 443.

What could be wrong, do I miss something?

Thanks in advance!

For starters, Full is not secure either, it should be Full Strict.

Then, your description suggests your server is not properly configured. I’d pause Cloudflare (Overview screen, bottom right) and make sure the site loads fine on HTTPS. Once it does, it should work on Cloudflare as well and you can unproxy. Should there still be issues, then you’d probably have a firewall which blocks Cloudflare connections.

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