Error 500 This page isn’t working

My website is not working and it’s only showing this error. I already contacted where I got my domain and they said that it’s on you guys. Please help. Thanks


Have you tried to query your origin directly?
You could try doing something like

curl -H"Host:"

To skip Cloudflare and see if the problem is upstream.
Alternatively you could add the origin’s IP into your hosts file.
Usually when Cloudflare wants to display an error page that isn’t from the origin server it’s got their branding all over it.

I’m sorry but I don’t know how to do it. :worried:

If you change :orange: to :grey: in your dns tab in the dashboard it will skip Cloudflare and we might be able to see if it still happens. It also kind of exposes what your origin server is… There are people who like to collect that kind of information for sometimes bad reasons though so it’s not without its risks.

I was able to change it now to :grey: . Will it work? Thanks for the help.

I suggested it only to see if it will start working. If it doesn’t start working after setting it to :grey: then the problem would have to be something other than Cloudflare’s proxy since :grey: turns it off.

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