Error 500 Internal Server Error - CloudFlare Network

My website will not display. I have been up all day and night.

My domain is through Google Domains, and GoDaddy is my Host.
I have updated the name servers on both google and GoDaddy to point to cloudflare.

I now only see this error message “500 internal server error”

I have contacted support for google domains & GoDaddy both told me it has to do with CloudFlares servers.

Help please, CloudFlare Tickets result in automated response messages and have not heard back from anyone despite their “reply to this message and a tech will be in contact”.

That domain currently doesn’t have a DNS record, nor for the www version. I checked dig @ and the rick cloudflare name server. whatsmydns is kind of iffy.

SOA for your domain says dorothy (cloudflare), but WHOIS says Rick and Sara (also Cloudflare) and some say Dorothy/Tom. It appears you’ve made some recent changes that may take some time to settle in.

Which name servers does your DNS tab on your account say to use?

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