Error 500 From BTCPay Server When A > Domain Record Is Proxied

Hello, I am having an issue with Cloudflare dns settings for my btcpay server. I have

A → sitename → serverip → proxied

the issue when it is proxied is im not able to accept btcpay payments for some reason as it returns a 500 error on the btcpay logs but if i turn the record to dns only i can accept btcpay payments fine but i lose my ssl certificate as well as my webserver backend is visible via a checkhost search. hopefully this can get resolved. i didnt have this issue with my last cf account via servebolt.

I was also wondering what i can do to patch the reverse dns lookup vulnerability that has been happening recently?
if you type in a website under various reverse dns search engines you will be able to see nearly any websites backend server ip which can be a complete bypass of any and all ddos protections since the attacker is directly targeting the orgin server through a certification leaf name vulnerability.

let me add a little more context so it is easier to understand:

on my website i have btcpay integration connected, i had the same setup on my last webhost but i decided to switch hosts due to customers being very limited to their options. I transferred everything over to my new hosting and set up Cloudflare to mirror my old Cloudflare account. Now i am having an issue accepting payments through BTCPay. I get a 500 error after the payment has been confirmed meaning my btcpay server got the money but cant confirm to the user that the money has been received due to some form of blocking. I have whitelisted the ip to bypass all challenges on WAF but that didnt help anything. It seems to only work correctly if i make my A record for my website name dns only which will result in my not having an ssl cert as well as my backend ip will be leaked via a simple checkhost lookup. If i have my A record pointing to my website name as proxied it will return the 500 error on btcpay when trying to send confirmation to the customer that their payment was accepted so they can get their product. Having it proxied on my last Cloudflare account worked perfectly fine so I dont see why there is an issue now.

Hello there,
At the first glance, it doesn’t appear to be the problem of Cloudflare. It is an internal server error. Its your webserver is throwing out the error. For further, if you check these articles, that would be beneficial:

Check this #CommunityTip

i only get “Error while sending IPN (invoice_confirmed): Unexpected return code: 500” when my A → sitename → siteip → proxied. if i have it as dns only i dont get an error but i lose my ssl and my domain isnt proxied.

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