Error 500 downloading stream

Hey folks,
straight to the issue - I keep getting cors error 500 while trying to embed stream using video-js or even displaying thumbnail in html tag. But when i type the url in new tab in address bar, stream get’s downloaded as well as thumbnail is being presented on the screen. I don’t understand this behaviour. I get presigned urls from my backend and everything is done along the documentation. Also every stream has correct “allow origins” thing set up with the domains we use in the project. What am I missing?

Since that’s an internal sever error (not with a website you own) provide Cloudflare support with the following information:

  1. Your domain name
  2. The time and timezone of the 500 error occurrence
  3. The output of from the browser where the 500 error was observed (replace with your actual domain and host name)

If this is with a website you own (and I am mistaken) then Provide details to your hosting provider to assist troubleshooting the issue.
Also, if it is on a website you own, Error establishing database connection is a common HTTP 500 error message generated by your origin web server.

Also, this could be an issue on Cloudflare’s end! Check the status of Cloudflare at!

To better troubleshoot your issue, please provide a screenshot of the error (with any sensitive information such as IP addresses or email addresses black or blurred out)?

And if this is an issue with a website you own, could you please provide the domain?