ERROR 500 comes up when item added to groove kart

Can anyone help or give me suggestions?
I use Groove HQ
I have built my Groove Pages site and Groove Kart and everything was going so well, until I went onto the live site to do a test sale.

But every time I put something into the kart it goes to a 500 error page.
If I go to the basket and then try to go to the checkout, it goes to an error page. If you google spiralesdargent(dot)groovekart(dot)com and try it for yourself you will see.

At first I thought it might be my payment gateways, so I took them off and put them back on again, but that made no difference. I have cleared my cache several times now, it doesnt make any difference.
I have been trying to get a response from Groove now for 4 months, I email twice a month but no one ever gets back to me!
So I’ve been doing a bit of research this morning and discovered it could be something to do with my server. But I don’t know how to access the activity log to see if there are any errors anywhere.
Can anyone help me out here???


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