Error 500 and 503 on entering cloudflare

I have just created my account and used Cloudflare, everything seems ok, but…
I see strange API errors when I access to the cloudflare page with my account.
It says there are a 500 error and a 503 error.
My page works fine, so I don’t know if there is a problem or not.
I attach the screen when getting in CF…


Ok, I see now that my web page is not active!
Something goes wrong with cloudflare!!

I dont know if CF works, improve my web page or commit mistakes…
If I enter in my web using the VPN the Opera browser can use, initially appears an error: Could not find IP…
But after 5 seconds, my web shows in browser.
So, it is working or not?
I dont know

What’s the domain?

That domain has DNSSEC enabled. Turn it off at your domain registrar.

But it’s supposed that enabling DNSSEC is more secure for my web page… That’s what I am looking for in CF, mainly high security.
The DNSSEC does not work on my domain? Won’t I lose security if disbling DNSSEC?

Yours is broken. Turn it off at your registrar. Once we can verify that your site works, you can go through DNSSEC setup again.

So I shouldn’t use DNSSEC?

Is your site working now? I can see it.

DNSSEC is good, but I think you did not turn it off before you added your site to Cloudflare, so the records did not match. Make sure you turn it off at Cloudflare also. Tomorrow, turn it back on at Cloudflare and follow the instructions. Hopefully that will give you matching DNSSEC records with your registrar.

OK thanks, I’ll try!

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Well, I have enabled again the DNSSEC and copy the data into my domain server.
But now appears another error in
How could I repair that?

It still looks like there’s a disconnect. If you used the DNSSEC data Cloudflare provided you to configure DNSSEC at your registrar, and it’s still broken, open a ticket here and see what they can turn up.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

Sadly, there is no help for the free users. I can not create any ticket.
The only chance is to ask the community.
As I can not create the DNSSEC option, do you think is better to disable it?

Yes, you can. Please follow the directions I posted. Free plans come with Cloudflare Support at no charge.

Yes, I see now. I’ll try , thanks!

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Hi again.
As I have no answer in the support tickets, I have disabled again the DNSSEC.
But, now there is another problem in
The verisign says there is a problem with DS record, although I’ve disabled the DNSSEC also in my domain host.
Some customers tell me they can not enter in my page… (although I dont see any problem)
What should I do?

I am not able to configure correctly the Cloudflare.
The error ‘No DS records found for in the com zone’ will be dangerous?
I don’t know…

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