Error 404 with Wordpress Multisite Setup on Subsites

Hello All,
I am new to cloudflare and wordpress multisite I am facing a strange issue.
I did my wordpress multisite setup all worked fine. I was able to make and access any subsites that I created .
Then I added to Primary website ‘exampledotcom’ to Cloudflare.
Now whenever I create a subsite ‘sub1.exampledotcom’ or access the old subsite ‘sub2.exampledotcom’ I get error 404 . This happens only in the HTTPS URL and not with the HTTP one.
When I change the Cloudflare option to Flexible instead of Full my subsites work perfect but my Primary site ‘exampledotcom’ gives an error.
as well as my subsite admin ’’ shows a SSL not secure page.

Sounds like NGINX/Apache isn’t set up to serve SSL for the other hostnames. Make sure you have SSL/port 443 virtual host entries for them in your config.

I am using shared hosting cpanel. How can I apply this ?
Thanks for your prompt reply .

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