Error 404 with custom domain using Cloudflare ZeroTrust Access

I’m using “Cloudflare Pages” and I set up a custom domain, all ok.

However, after I activated the “Cloudflare ZeroTrust Access”, after logging in, the redirection is made to “{domain}/cdn-cgi/access/authorized?nonce={token}”, and the 404 error occurs in the custom domain .

In {domain} “Cloudflare ZeroTrust Access” works correctly, the error 404 occurs only when accessing by the custom domain.

The settings of “Cloudflare ZeroTrust Access” are the default.

If someone used Cloudflare Pages with Access and custom domain, please help me resolve this.

I already solved the problem, I had to add the “Cloudflare ZeroTrust Access” for both, custom domain and the {domain}

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