Error 404 when trying to connect to Wordpress Admin


I am getting error 404 when trying to connect to my wordpress admin. This error started appearing immediately after I turned on Cloudflare. I am using Full Strict SSL and I have Always use HTTPS turned on. Can anyone give me any advice? Thank you

Your server seems to be properly configured for HTTPS, however is the administration area also reachable via HTTPS on your server?

Hi Sandro,

Yes, I can access the admin side on my server without a problem. The only issue I have is with wordpress unfortunately

I was referring to the Wordpress area. Can you access it via HTTPS directly on your server?


Yes that’s what I meant. I can access it. But I always use the admin area to make changes. I am not sure how to navigate it on the server directly.

Whats the domain for starters?

The 404 comes straight from the server and needs to be fixed there.


Thanks Sando,

I suppose the error is there. However, I was asking on this forum because the error appeared after implementing cloudflare so maybe something triggered a change. I am hoping someone else has experienced this and can offer advice

Well, the error comes straight from your server as you notice from the earlier screenshot, so Cloudflare cant be involved.

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