Error 404 when name servers pointing to Cloudflare

I’m getting an error 404 when I type in my web address. Just changed the name servers over from google g suite (go daddy) to Cloudflare. Google and go daddy both said not on our servers. Help please.

The error here seems to be related to a missing file (or files) on the server. What IP are you pointing the site to? It could be that changing NS lost some settings for sites.

Where do I find that?

In your DNS settings on the Cloudflare dashboard.

It looks like

Looks like google

Found it

Now when I enter the web address it’s says server not found

This is because there is no DNS record set for

There’s one for www. but it redirects to https:// which fails.

Set your server IP address as an A record for ‘@’ in your dashboard and your issue should be solved.

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