Error 404 on my website (Solved)

Good morning folks, I am an admin on a website but in the last couple of days it’s been giving out a 404 error when trying to load. I contacted support, they said they changed their IP address and I should change it in Cloudflare to make it work. They told me what record to change, but after changing it, it’s still down. (it’s been over 24 hours now). So I thought I’d try find help here before I head back to their customer support. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

What is the old IP and what is the new IP

Old IP was
New one they told me to replace with is
I’ll try attach screenshots below, they told me to replace the top record.

Are you able to view the error logs for your site?

  1. I’m shocked they actually used a .1 for a web server.
  2. If your server’s IP address changed, then you need to change all those .1 addresses to .228
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I changed all the .1s to the new IP and it works. Thank you so much!!


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