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Afther i linked Cloudflare with my webshop i cant access the site in anyway. No wp-admin. Cant even view the webshop :frowning: Tried so many things but idk what to do can someone help? De site status is active.

Dear regards,

Diego - From The Netherlands

The webshop is in WordPress?

Was it working with HTTPS before you added the site to Cloudflare?

Hey! Yes the webshop is made in Wordpress. Yeah everything worked on https already before we connected the site to Cloudflare. We already had our own ssl connection with the provider.

I seem to be out of luck after looking on the compatibility with Strato on the forms. As stated due to changings ip adresses Cloudflare wont workโ€ฆ Sorry for the trouble. Any idea how long it will take for my site to work again on the old name servers?

Name server changes can take up to 48 hours, but if your DNS records here are set to :grey: and match your original DNS records, either name server setup should work the same.

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