Error 404 not found (and 525)

Hi guys.

I’ve been looking for a solution to my problem but I did have not success.

Can you help me?? Let me explain:

This is my site, that is a subdomain in Blogger (was working correctly) and now I wake up and noticed an error 404, but If I visit some entry (or post) It shows an 525.

I don’t know how to solve it, I changed to “proxied” the status with and It is still not working.

Can you help me??

Change it back to :grey: DNS Only. That will set it back to a direct connection to Blogger. If it still doesn’t work, ask Blogger for help.

Hi, thank you for the quick answer. That was the first status, then I changed to proxied to see if it works, both ways is not working.

Sorry, but if :grey: DNS Only doesn’t work, then :proxied: can’t work, either. As I said, you’ll have to ask Blogger for help.

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Thank you.

What about the error 525??

You shouldn’t get a 525 if that hostname is :grey: DNS Only.

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