[ERROR 404] My site is down after switching to Cloudfare

Hello folks,

I have recently switched to Cloudfare from GoDaddy so that they can handle my DNS records.

At first, it was working perfectly and my site speed improved significantly just from that change.

However, I went back to my site earlier and out of the blue, my site can’t be accessed anymore.

Here are some screenshots for context :

Thanks in advance!

404’s don’t refer to DNS settings - you’ve switched over properly, it’s just that the webserver at the IP address is literally saying, there is no document here.


Thanks for the reply.

Do you have any idea on what could have potentially led to my IP address pointing to an empty document? It was working perfectly. I did update PHP version recently, but aside from that, I have no idea what could have caused the 404 error.

Thank you.

You would likely need to talk to your host or site admin about this. For some reason, your server is returning a 404.


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