Error 404 - Link wrong or retired

I have recently imported our dns info from Go Daddy to Cloudflare and changed the nameservers on Go Daddy to the Cloudflare nameservers.

I now face the error 404 saying link is wrong or retired. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Can you tell us the “SSL mode” from the SSL/TLS tab?

Also, if possible, could you share your domain?

Hi Sandro,

I now face the error 404 saying link is wrong or retired.

That would be helpful, @henrico

Nameservers were confirmed 1/9 but now it’s showing as not on Cloudflare. You need to contact your domain registrar and have them change the nameservers to the two assigned by cloudflare. When you’re talking with them, you may want to ask about the icann restrictions to see if that is affecting them changing the nameservers.

Hi the domain name is ( and the ssl mode full

Thank you i will contact them and ask them and let you guys know

I spoke to the people from Go Daddy and they told me the problem is not with the nameservers but with the hosting and dns of the domain. Do you have suggestions for fixing the problem?

Is secureserver your host? It’s their 404 page. On the dns tab of the cloudflare dashboard, you may want to verify that the ip address shown in the A record that is named is correct and that the cloud by it is :orange:.

I believe Secureserver is a GoDaddy domain/hostname.


Hmm, so gd tells you there is an issue with gd, but can’t tell you what it is. That’s not very helpful.

The site now shows as active on cloudflare. Propagation is in process, That may be the dns issue they reference. DNS records appear in order, assuming the ip of the origin is correct. Certificate is issued and ssl is active.

If you pause cloudflare, the result won’t change, I’d double-check IP of origin with your hosting provider.

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Thank you for coming back to me so promptly i really do appreciate the help. So basically i would have to confirm the ip adress with Go Daddy to be sure the correct DNS data have been imported to Cloudflare if i understand this correct?

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Go Daddy is our domain hosts. The provided ip they gave us is {redacted}

This is the reply i got from Go Daddy in regards to telling them we only updated our nameservers earlier this week -(I can see that nameservers which you have updated is not yet updated on server.I please request you to wait for 24-48hours.within this time frame nameservers will get updated and website will run fine for sure) Could this be the only issue?

Hi @henrico,

It does definitely seem to be an issue on their end if the IP address you provided is the one they gave you. Perhaps you can convince them with these screenshots, one through Cloudflare and the other bypassing Cloudflare, going straight to the IP you provided, both with the same result.

Through Cloudflare:

Bypassing Cloudflare, direct to server on IP address you provided:


And, +1 to the suggestion from @domjh, that is the same IP as on the dns app of the cf dashboard.

Propagation of the nameservers now shows as complete and the error is still present.

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Hi Guys, this is what the current dns settings on cloudflare looks like.

We still keep on getting error 404 do we need to change anything? The nameservers had been imported to Go Daddy correctly so is there anything that needs to change?

Would you guys be able to link the website on the domain for me?

That domain,, currently isn’t using Cloudflare, has a different IP address than what’s in your DNS screenshot, and is showing a GoDaddy parked website page.

Oh my, @henrico, if you’re changing nameservers to cf and then changing them away from cf, you’ll not resolve the issue. But, if you did not make this change away from cf, you need to find out from your registrar why the changes are happening. Only they can help on that.

Edit - @henrico, your registrar is definitely your next call.

$ whois
$ dig ns +short

Based on all the above, it looks like the domain has history on Cloudflare with sara & rick, although nadia & glen are the nameservers you need to change to with your domain registrar. When you’re having that conversation/review, you may want to ask about the icann update holds that are in place on the domain to ensure they are not introducing an issue.

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