Error 404...clueless

Hey there guy’s

its actually my first time setting a site up through cloudflare, i needed it for a shop and so im trying to get it done.

So i’ve done the whole DNS thing through Step by Step videos from the actual Shop provider. I am pretty sure i did everything right…but since the the site got accepted by cloudflare i do only get the Error Message “Page not Found 404”…the usual.
I just cant find the mistake tbh…any idea?

Small edit, double checked the name server’s and they are the same.

I’m not sure if there is a problem with the Shop provider tbh. prob it’s a mistake from their site.

I use

Is everything showing a 404?

You didn’t post the domain name, so we can’t check some details:

Are you using HTTPS? Did your site have HTTPS before you switched to Cloudflare?

Hey there thanks first.

my site would be and a subdomain
I can only change the CNAME on a sub domain, Strato seems pretty strict with that.
I tryed it again without cloudflare. Just enabling SSL and enter the CNAME at the Subdomain. Error 404 again. I wonder if i must change the Hoster. Strato isnt working with cloudflare as i read from many other user’s. But recquires a SSL. They only got a tutorial via cloudflare and im courios if it is only working with cloudflare.

(They wont accept the domain, if SSL isn’t on it. Somehow they also accepted it with the normal Strato SSL, but the only thing im getting is a big Error.)
Oh and i think i made a mistake with the CNAME at the Sub Domain, i just didn’t know what to put in, Strato only gives me the option to add a server name.

Edit: Now im even more confused. Might be the effect of changing the CNAME to “” But idk where that is coming from. (

Edit 2: So im trying again. Changed NS back to the Cloudflare ones, im currently waiting for the change. If that is not working im pretty sure that Strato is the issue, they seem to change the IP time by time and so cloudflare somehow is having issues with it.

I will try it with the 1&1 hosting service too. Maybe this will work. has changed their CNAME, they are giving no information about it, and so i had to search it on my own in their Cloudflare info.

The new one is:
Found it on:

Thank you for your help anyway. :grin:

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