Error 403 | You don't have permission to view this page

Hello, II have 5 domains added to my account and cannot access to any of them via the dashboard. When I click on a domain name I get the error message: “403 | You don’t have permission to view this page.”.

And when I click on any menu item, I get this error too. I’m the only admin for the zone.
I’ve opened a ticket with Cloudflare support with ticket No: 2694331
Please help.

Hi rijkov99

When going to your account, I did not get this error. If you’re still experiencing an issue, can you please share a HAR file on the ticket ?

Thank you for your reply.
The issue still exists. Here is the link [REDACTED] for HAR file.

I’ve logged in to the dashboard in another browser in it works. Thank you for support.
The ticket can be closed.

@rijkov99 please don’t post HAR files publicly as they contain session cookies/tokens which could be used to access your account. I’d recommend going to and deleting any active sessions. Then log out of the current session.

Ok. Thank you for advice.

This happens to me now. I saw many reports of this issue. So what’s the solution?