Error 403 when trying to delete a DNS record


Recently when I’m trying to delete a domain record I do get a 403 error. I can create new records, but I cant delete them afterwards (or the existing ones)
Editing existing records is also possible.

My account is Super Administrator - All Privileges (without the Administrator checkbox. I cant enable it as i do get error 1001 Invalid roles for that)

There are 2 regular Administrator accounts which can delete the zones, but I cant do it with the Super Administrator.

What do you think the issue could be?

Thank you for your time,

Try contacting Cloudflare support for help (since you are using a multi-user organization)

Thank for the reply, that was my first thought however it says that:

“For technical issues, users on our Free plan have access to our self-service support content as well as our Community. If you wish to submit a ticket for 1:1 support from Cloudflare, you must upgrade your plan type.”

Send them an email directly by emailing [email protected] directly