Error 403 When Search Engine Bot are Trying to access my Site

Hey Cloudflare Support,

All my site pages are responding with 403 error except my homepage (ShoutMeBack) for search engine bots like Google Desktop, Yandex, etc. It is accessible when opening the site with a browser but when I am running a crawl test for search engines bot on my site, it is returning with Error 403.

Note: Just for Google Smartphone and Bingbot, I get 200 OK response else for all the other bots, my site responded with Error 403.

Please help me to solve the problem. My robots.txt file is not blocking any URLs.

Waiting for the response as fast as possible because it is hurting my traffic and SEO rankings.

If Cloudflare is blocking requests, they should show up in the Firewall page’s Events Log. Those entries would show you why the request was blocked.

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