Error 403 sitemap

Hola, sigo con mi problema de 403 en sitemap (

Hice varias pruebas, entre otras cambiar los DNS para apuntar las visitas hacia mi hosting (dejando de utilizar cloudflare para la prueba).

Esa prueba reveló que quien detiene el acceso de los googlebots a mi sitemap es cloudflare.

Lo raro de la misma es que he colocado reglas para el firewall del Cloudflare para permitir e acceso de los googlebots según la imagen.

Alguien me puede ayudar, muchas gracias!

Same problam as here: Sitemap not crawling correctly by Google - Error 403

This most probably is related to your Server as CloudFlare normaly does not Block Google Bot.
This most probably is cause by Security-Plugins or Server confiogurations.

(sorry I dont speak spanish)

Good morning, thank you very much for your reply.

When checking the firewall rules I see that googlebots can access it, but the problem is only with the sitemap.

Removing clouflare’s DNS and directing visits to my hosting I haven’t had that problem. That was the last test I did.

I don’t understand how Google reads the sitemap from hosting and not from clouflare.

Could you give me some idea. Thank you very much again.

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