Error 403 on Cloudflare Workers API

Hi there,

I’m running into a strange 403 error when trying to do a GET request on one of my CF Workers API endpoints. I think I’m running into a WAF error but it’s just under and not a domain.

I can access the URL fine using a browser and in production, but if I’m trying to access it through my localhost during dev I seem to get a Turnstile challenge…?? It worked about an hour ago, and I’ve never run into this before.


Note: I’m just doing a regular Node fetch(), nothing fancy

Just tested using cURL, and no problems. It’s just that using Node fetch gives me a Turnstile response, and only after doing response.text() to render it in console does it show up… odd

Ok it randomly worked again. Must be someone flipping switches over at Cloudflare Workers or something…

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