Error 403, cronjob

Hello, I can not configure my cronjob correctly. The call is probably done by http (wget / curl).
“You do not have permission to access the request object”
I have change permission folder several times: 644, 711, 755, 777 chmod. Nothing work.
I was in “page rule”. I have stopped security for this file only. It does not work either.
In the folder of this file, there is the htaccess file.
Please help me i’m lost
Best regards

It is relatively unclear what your problem is as you seem to mix file permissions with network requests and page rules. What is the actual issue and what do you want to achieve? Post as many details as you can, possibly also screenshots.

Keep in mind though please this forum is primarily for Cloudflare related issues, for general server administration related question, something like Stackexchange might be better suited.

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