Error 403. Cloudflare ip's are blocked and prohibited

Hello there.

  1. First problem. About 3 weeks ago we have a problem with access to our site and it’s subdomains - By mistake in was moved to block list by local goverment organization. Our hosting provider is “Relevate”. Later they removed the lock, but several of our users still have a problems around in case of, how I can get, we are using Cloudflare for it.

There is huge local part goverment internet provider here - rostelecom. Several of our developers use it. One of them contact it today about ip blocks. He hot such answer:

"contributed: 2020-02-18T19:43:19+03:00
url: https:_//

¿¿IP: 2606:4700:3030::681b:a9b8
¿¿IP: 2606:4700:3037::681b:a8b8"

This site in resticled blocked list. And by some reason it’s using same Cloudflare ip’s that we are have for our site. So. In that case our site blocked too.

Answer from our hosting provider:

"Our IP is Yes, it really was previously blocked by Roskomnadzor too. From the end of February to 03/05/2020. Now it is removed from the registers of Roskomnadzor. There are no locks on it. You can verify this on the rkn site.

If, when the site is running through Cloudflare, your developer cannot get to the site due to Cloudflare blocking, then you should either not use Cloudflare on the site, or your developer should look for ways to bypass this blocking by his provider.".

Question. How we can fix it?

  1. Second problem. Several of out clients, that buying our goods from templatemonster and themeforest, design works, time to time has problems to access on our demo sites. Clients outsite Russia and CIS. Same 403 error.

One of the demo site can be found here - kraj-wp. Last client with such error was from Poland.

What we can to do here?


  1. - RKN website.
  2. - subdomain.

So. Looks like problem has long history already with no direct solutions. Only way, probably, direct contact with Cloudflare developers. Found a form here:

  2. Click “Get more help”.
  3. Fill the form.
  4. “Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Technical Support. Your ticket number is 1850673. Soon, you will receive an email confirmation with ticket details.”.
  5. Wait.

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